Scrolls of Destiny Volume 2

Scrolls of Destiny

Perplex and impress

Impress your players, step up the role-playing, keep your campaign fresh and full of surprises. All of that with minimal work!

Puzzle your players

Scrolls of Destiny is a collection of 10 logic puzzles and riddles for game masters. Print the handout of your choice, trim the edges, roll it up, and tie it with ribbon, yarn, leather, or anything else that fits your setting. Present it to the PCs at any time you want to throw in a puzzle – an NPC could hand it to them, they could find it in a treasure chest, or it could fall off a shelf in a library. It could contain a spell or additional information that will only reveal itself when the answer is spoken aloud. The possibilities are endless when it comes to finding puzzles.

Save time and crank up the fun factor

Riddles are a lot of fun but they can be hard and time-consuming to prepare. Use SoD’s puzzles as they are, or adapt them to your campaign. We give suggestions on how to customize each puzzle.

Scrolls of Destiny features:

  • A 36 pages e-book with 10 logic puzzles and riddles
  • 10 player handouts
  • How to adapt an the logic puzzles and riddles to your campaign
  • Lifetime updates. If we update the book, you get a free updated ebook
  • 90 days money back guarantee – no questions asked
  • Customer support (help desk, email, or toll-free phone number!)

Excerpt from Scrolls of Destiny

WANTED: Dead or Alive

Handout Information

The Green Onion Gang has been fingered as the culprits behind the break-in at the capital palace. To evade capture, the gang members and their leader, the one who has possession of the Eagle Scepter, are leaving at various times throughout the next day; one will be leaving in the afternoon. They will disguise themselves as various venders and professionals to blend in with the city traffic. Afterwards the plan is to meet at nearby Wretch Cave to regroup and plan their next move. The five gang members were the thief carrying the raven ring, the person leaving at dusk, Arok, the one disguised as a dancer, and the thief holding the Crown of the Dragon. Arok will depart earlier than the one who is wearing a dancer’s costume to sneak out of the city unnoticed. The gang member pretending to be a farmer will leave the city earlier than Alaina. The thief concealed as a swordsmith does not carry the Crown of the Dragon. The criminal leaving at dawn will take the Amulet of Wolves. The fugitive fleeing at noon is not Carlok. Of the gang member who is disguised as a dancer and Valeron, one will depart at mid-morning and the other is hiding the Turtle Cowl. Either the one who wears the solemn robes of a scribe or the colorful tights of a dancer is Carl. The fugitive fleeing at mid-morning is Gorvena. The gang member pretending to be a merchant will depart the city later than Alaina. Who is the leader of the gang?

Correct Answer

Gorvena, the fugitive who possessed the Eagle Scepter

Customizing the puzzle

This puzzle was designed with the idea of using it as a prelude to a street chase through a heavily populated area. The PCs could gather this information through various streetwise checks whether in a tavern, at the scene of the crime, or out on the street. Just make sure there’s a small chance that the people they talk to could also be the ones they are tracking down! Decide from a DM standpoint how you want them to react: will they run or will they play dumb or will they admit their guilt and give up? Remember, the “bad guys” don’t necessarily have to be the bad guys.

Whether the PCs know it or not, the king could have originally stolen this loot from somewhere else, and the gang was hired to “recover” it. Or maybe the gang is actually a group of clerics who need the items to complete a ritual that will prevent a disaster from happening. If they are real bad guys, though, maybe only one item is truly worth recovering. Who has it, and what did they look like? What time will they exit the city gates?

[ Note: In the book you get the solution and a printable scroll handout ]

Enjoy the riddles!

Scrolls of Destiny